Weatherproof Telephone with External Revolving Lamp


In order to enhance the functionality of weatherproof telephone in high ambient noisy areas, an External Flasher with Ringer is used along with the Phone. It acts as additional / secondary call indicator to signal the incoming telephone call to the user. As soon as the user lifts the handset off the telephone, the Flasher stops. It gets connected to the weatherproof telephone through Telephone Relay Box.

Deatials :
Application Indoor and outdoor
Flasher pattern Revolving Lamp
Tone Single tone
Sound Level Above 100dB
Material / Housing In ABS
Color Red / Yellow
Size 100 mm Diameter X 115 mm Height
Power 10 watt
Operating voltage 24 VDC, 110 V AC / 230V AC
Connection Through Weatherproof Telephone Relay Box