Industrial Communication System


In a modern plant, a multiplicity of different types of communication systems is encountered e.g. Intercom System, EPABX System, Public Address System, Security System, Radio Communications, Radio Paging, Data communication networks, Fire alarm system etc. Often such systems are deployed in stand-alone manner and can not be integrated, which leads to:

  •  Sub optimal usage (limited use)
  •  Increased hardware & maintenance
  •  Multiple user instrument at a common location
  •  Inflexibility for expansion
  •  Inflexibility to cope with changing configuration, needs and industrial dynamics

TELE-NET has the expertise and capability to design, build, install, commission and maintain the integrated communication systems.

Integrated Industrial Plant Communication (IIPC) is designed to offer the following :

  •  Expanding architecture
  •  Custom configured
  •  Integrated system to meet the requirement of intercom, EPABX, hotline, PA System, Paging / loud speaking
  •  Multiple page / party communication channels
  •  Point to point or Point to Multi point and Master / Slave configuration
  •  Multi point, multiple control desks for a large integrated plant<
  •  Interface to P&T, Radio lines, Data networks etc.
  •  State of the art and futuristic technology – Fully Digital PCM
  •  Transparent Networking